About Us

Hi all,

Hello! I am Jimmy Nguyen,the founder of Vietland Adventures (Formerly Hue Adventure Tours). We are a local, family-owned tour company with over 8 years of experience. We are confident in providing memorable and fun experiences on each and every Motorbike Tour.

Our History

I am the first born of a family of rice farmers in Hue, Vietnam. When I was a child, I met many tourists who came to take photos of the rice field. As a child, I dreamed of learning English so I could speak to the tourists and explain rice farming to them.

At the time,  my family was very poor. So, after finishing high school, I set out to Ho Chi Minh city to earn my living. Despite my success, my dream was still to become a tourist ambassador. I started saving money and eventually saved enough to go to the university in Hue. Since 2005, I have worked as a licensed English-speaking guide. For 5 years, I have worked for an Australian company as a group leader in Vietnam. As you may know, the motorbike is one of the most famous means of transportation in Vietnam and it is one that most Vietnamese people have grown up with and used throughout their lives. I love showcasing my city to tourists through amazing two-wheel experiences. It was then that Vietland Adventures was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show all world travelers the friendliness of Vietnamese people, our rich culture, and how beautiful our country is. We are an ethical and a responsible travel company, dedicated to helping local people build a better life. Allow us to have the honor of giving you unforgettable experiences and memories in  Central Vietnam through our motorbike tours.

Tour Reviews

Great experience

Great experience. Went to a lot of places which were very interesting. Definitely get your money’s...

Absolutely amazing day

Absolutely amazing day. The local guide gives you an extra insight into the life of the local people and the sights you see are unbelievable. Those who worry...

Loved this tour

Loved this tour! Great drivers Really fun going off road thru the tiny villages 3 weeks on the road and one of my favorite things I have done ! Highly...

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