Deposit Policy

1. What is the Deposit?

 Deposit is a financial commitment between our customers and our Tour Company to make sure that they have their attention to join the tour on the arrival time they request.

2. Why do I pay for a deposit

To make sure your trip running well, we have spare great drivers and great local guides in advanced. When we get your deposit payment of 30% of the trip cost, it means that your booking is guaranteed departure!

3. What is your deposit policy?

We require a 30% deposit for every booking for 3 or more people and private tours.

If you cancel your tour over 10 days before your tour departs, we would refund 100% of your deposit.

If you cancel your tour over 4 days before your arrival, it will be charged 30%.

If you cancel your tour 72 hours before your arrival, it will be charged 50%.

If you cancel on the arrival day, it will be fully charged.

4. If it rains, do I cancel the trip?

We spared great rain ponchos for our customers.
If the rain is still safe for our passengers, we decide to run the trip.
If so heavy rain for over 1.5hours, we will cancel the trip for your safety and we would refund you 100%.

5. If we are not feeling well and cancel, do we get the deposit back?

Sorry, we will not refund the deposit to you due to your sickness. We will change your departure in a different day after your recovery.
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