1. What is the difference between morning and afternoon countryside motorbike tours?

Morning and afternoon countryside motorbike tours are similar to each other. Morning tour gives you a chance to visit the local village market, afternoon tour does not cover local market (market open in the morning only) but you could enjoy the sunset photo from Thien Mu Pagoda.

2. If we want to visit the countryside and cultural heritage sites such as Citadel, King Tomb, Thien Pagoda. What option should we book?

We would offer you historical motorbike tour. This is a full day motorbike tour included countryside tour and historical sites in our city.

3.  Do I myself drive the motorbike on the tour?

No, for your safety on the motorbike tour we offer you local experience driver. It means that you are on the back of the bikes.

4.  What should we bring on the motorbike tour?

We provide high-quality helmets, rain ponchos, water, and always have a first-aid kit on hand. This means that you don’t need to bring much.
What should you bring? You should prepare sunscreen, sunglasses and good shoes. For ladies, could you spare a scarf for worshipping areas? We do not recommend wearing dresses or skirts as it is not comfortable on the bikes.

5. I am larger than the average Vietnamese person, can I join the motorbike tour?

Yes, absolutely. Our motorbike drivers are expert on this tour so they can bring a big person of 130kg. Please let us know in advance so that we can do the best for you.

6.  Can children join the motorbike tour, do they like it?

Yes sure, We often organize motorbike tour for the families so children do love it. If the kid under 8 years, we share with an adult with children’s price. Over 8 years has the own bike with the driver.

7.  Where do you pick up us for motorbike tour?

We normally pick up and drop off from Hotels in city center. However, if you come from different cities such as: Da Nang, Hoi An or Quang Tri, then we can help you to arrange transfer with saved price as we can. If you stay out of the city, could you email or phone us for help.

8.  If we want to book a private motorbike tour, could you do it?

Yes. We also offer you private tours and with 35% surcharge for group tours in Hue.

9.  If we want to book a motorbike tour with different sites from your Itinerary, could you do it?

Yes, that is the custom tour. We would customize an itinerary that has been designed after discussing with you for a tour.

10. What kind of motorbike do you use?

We use famous brands Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki( with two different kinds of motorbikes:

For Hue city tours(30-75km distance), we use small motorbikes like scooters with the engines of 100cc – 135cc, it would be easy to get through the alleys, corners, and back-roads.

For the tours from Hue or out of Hue( Over 80km distance), we use bigger motorbikes with big seats for a longer motorbike journey, engines of 125cc-200cc. It would help you enjoy more the

11.  Do you have any insurance for the motorbike tour?

Although our drivers are very safe and well trained, we realized that sometimes the accident might happen. That is the reason why we offer you accident insurance.

12.  What is the Motorbike Accident Insurance?

This is a guarantee from our Insurance company that if there is an accident happens on our tour that we would take you to the hospital and cover your injuries up to $3.000. The amount of money will go along the way here in Vietnam to cover most injuries sustained in an accident.

13.  Why do you offer Accident Motorbike Insurance?

We have been running the motorbike trips for many years and we have never been involved in an accident. However, we could not control our drivers with some situation happen unfortunately that cause our passengers to be injured on the tour. We just want to make sure that our passengers feel safe the bike tour in Vietnam.

14.  I have travel insurance, do I need to have motorbike insurance?

It is great when you travel with your travel Insurance. However, your travel Insurance does not cover any motorbike activities when you are in Vietnam. Therefore, we are happy to cover you on the motorbike tour when you book the trip with us.

15.  If I have motorbike driving license, should I myself ride it?

Yes, we will offer you safety equipment, get a riding guide for supporting you on the trip and you could not get our motorbike insurance as well.  Please sign the form before you start the motorbike tour with us.


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